Lebanon Front and Center at Vatican Meeting of Secretary of State and Head of Maronite Foundation in the World

January 21, Vatican City- The plight of the Lebanese was the main topic of discussion at the Vatican during today’s meeting between the Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin and the President of the Maronite Foundation in the World, Charles G. Hage.

The Secretary of State of the Holy See was briefed on the socio-economic crisis in the country, the major challenges emanating from the growing impact of displaced Syrians and other refugees in Lebanon, the uptick in the number of Lebanese fleeing unbearable conditions in their homeland as well as the financial meltdown and the crashing of, the once renowned, Lebanese banking system that have devastated the population across the board.

The urgency of convening an international conference on Lebanon was confirmed in order to tackle the existential threat gripping the country and to resolve the current impass tied to emerging and lingering regional conflicts. Such a successful conference will ease the suffering of the people as it will facilitate the path before the Lebanese to put their house in order.

The meeting presented the opportunity to survey the issues involving the Lebanese diaspora especially in countries where the Catholic Church has greater influence and how to support the efforts of the Maronite Foundation in the World.